Thomas Dresser

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About Thomas Dresser

Tom Dresser started writing at age 11 when he founded The Springdale News, in 1958. He continued to edit the monthly neighborhood newspaper for more than a hundred issues, until he went off to college, some seven years later. [The complete set of the The Springdale News is now available on line at the Gale Free Library.] After college, Tom taught elementary school for a decade, then ran several Massachusetts nursing homes over two decades. Tom was again bitten by the writing bug. Since 2000, his byline has appeared on countless articles in the local press, and he has published more than a dozen pamphlets and books. To keep busy during the endless winter of 2015, Tom worked on plans for his 50th high school reunion. Tom (and his wife Joyce Cournoyer) graduated from Wachusett Regional High School in 1965. Visit to check out the 50th reunion yearbook and their collective class 70th birthday bash in 2017. Next high school reunion is 55 in 2020.