Murfreesboro Historical Association

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About Murfreesboro Historical Association

The Murfreesboro Historical Association, Inc. was established in 1966 to preserve and promote the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of Murfreesboro, North Carolina. The Mission of MHA is to preserve and interpret the architectural and cultural heritage of the Town of Murfreesboro, North Carolina. In fulfilling this mission, the Association encourages and supports actively the acquisition, restoration, and rehabilitation of significant historic properties throughout the local areas as well as the revitalization of the Town’s older neighborhoods and central business district. The Association... MHA collects, researches, and preserves historical objects and artifacts that relate directly to the cultural valves of the area. These objects, displayed in museum settings, form an educational resource through which their meaning can be made clear in historic context. They are offered to the public to illustrate realistically the broad patterns, theme, and trends that constitute Murfreesboro’s history. By advocating or the preservation ethic, and espousing the need to maintain our heritage for cultural and aesthetic reasons, the Association strives foremost to promote stewardship and citizen responsibility for the care of our historic legacy. In doing so, we seek ultimately to make our community a better place in which to live. Please visit