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Halloween Homes in South Durham

Durham, NC, US
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11 Stops 6.5 miles · Car · Adult, Preschool, Teen, Elementary
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  • Halloween Family Fun
  • Socially Distanced
  • Find all the frights!


Come enjoy Halloween sights in South Durham! Find frights, spooks, ghouls and ghosts. Fun for the whole family! No need to leave the car... view all the great front yard decorations from the comfort of your vehicle! Grab a pumpkin latte, play some spooky tunes, and enjoy this socially-distanced fun! Proceeds from each purchase will support TROSA, a local non-profit helping individuals with substance use disorders. *Updated from the 2020 Tour. Come see how the best of last year have changed their spooks… and be introduced to new favorites, too!*
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Route Details

A Haunted Bed & Breakfast

0.3 miles

A Festival of Frights

23 ft

Masked Skeleton Cowboys and a Spooky Campfire

1.08 miles

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