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Bulls of Bull Durham

Durham, NC, US
Language: English
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The bull has been the symbol of Durham ever since it first appeared as the logo of Bull Durham Tobacco. As you walk through downtown Durham, discover these artistic representations of the town's beloved bovine mascot from street art to statuary. (Some photos courtesy of Discover Durham) Also featured throughout this tour -- a few of Downtown Durham Inc's "Walk-a-Bulls" (designed by Rachel Wexler, and painted by Jhordan 'Jaguar' Perry, Brandon Hampton and Cynelsa Broderick.) In addition, you'll likely notice a few "bonus" bulls along the way -- not necessarily mentioned in the tour! See how many extra you can spot. You'll see that Durham really is the "Bull City". An excellent way to experience downtown. Come discover the magic!
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Major the Bull Bronze Sculpture

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Art of the Warli

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