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Fairview Park Holiday Lights Tour

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  • Seabury Avenue / Bain Park Area
  • W 222 St & Alexander Rd
  • Local Eateries with FPHL Tour Promos


OVERVIEW Thank you for visiting the great city of Fairview Park, OH! This tour is an attempt to point out some of the holiday highlights in our city. But the real magic is in how much people decorate all across the city. If you have the time, the best experience to take your time and explore. You can meander around whatever streets catch your attention and can return to the tour when you wish. THE HISTORY What began in 2012 with Seabury Avenue and its half-mile long, 70 houses, lining of the street with “Sidewalk Garland Lights” has now turned into more than 1,200 houses all around Fairview Park and many, many streets with their sidewalks lined as well! While there is a strong concentration on Seabury Avenue and in the Bain Park area, there are plenty of other hot spots throughout Fairview Park. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Follow us on Facebook at Fairview Park Holiday Lights. Also, look for our Venmo QR and consider donating to help support the Fairview Park Hunger Center. Lastly, be sure to allow some time to check out our great local eateries. They are pinned at the end of the lights portion of the tour. Be sure to ask about their FPHL Tour Menu Specials. *In the Drink *Nuevo Acapulco *Fairview Tavern *Sauced Wood Fired Pizza *Omar’s Mediterranean Grill *Umami Rice Bowls *El Arepazo y Pupuseria *Bonnie’s Bar & Grill RULES OF THE ROAD Please, please note the following... 1. Parking on most streets is only permitted on one side. Look for signs and fire hydrants for the no-parking side. (No stopping on this side either.) 2. No turning around in driveways. 3. Be aware of residents entering / exiting their driveways, especially on Seabury. 4. No littering. Pack it in, pack it out. 5. No public urination. (Yes, we really have to call this one out!) Failure to follow these simple, obvious courtesies will ruin the whole experience for the future. Let's not have that happen!
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Seabury Ave and W220 St

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Seabury Ave and W210 St

0.4 miles

Valley Forge Neighborhood

1.14 miles

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