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Must See Holiday Lights in Central Florida

Orlando, FL, US
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7 Stops 80.0 miles · Car · Adult, Teen, Elementary, Preschool
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  • Most Festive Front Yards
  • Contactless, Socially-Distanced Holiday Fun


We searched high and low and polled our audience to find the BEST holiday lights in Central Florida! We picked our favorite private homes and neighborhoods to visit, so please be respectful of these homeowners and also other visitors, whether on foot or in cars. Grab some peppermint hot chocolates, hop in the car, play some holiday tunes, and enjoy this dazzling light tour through Central Florida! While you're driving, why not sprinkle in some fun Holiday Dad-jokes? Here are 5 of our favorites: What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Snowflakes. What did Adam say on the day before Christmas? It's Christmas, Eve! What is Santa's favorite kind of candy? Jolly ranchers. What type of Christmas dessert shouldn't you trust? Mince spies. What kind of fish do they have at the North Pole? Jollyfish. Enjoy this light tour! Happy Holidays! The route has been designed to minimize driving time and maximize your light viewing time. It will take multiple nights to enjoy all of this tour, so we suggest that you pick an area (for example Celebration) and focus on one area per night. …. You have access to the tour for 30 days to start / stop / restart as many times are you want. We update the tour throughout the holiday season as we get more information, so check back to see if we have added a new stop!!! (the tour is available for 30 days from purchase, however, not all lights will still be up after the New Year!)

Route Details

The Lights on Topsail

16.6 miles

Cross Christmas

2.4 miles

Johanessen Lights

1.12 miles

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