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MV Bike Tour #7: Forest Primeval!

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11 Stops 11.4 miles · Bicycle · Adult, Teen, Elementary
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  • Through the shaded and sun-dappled Manuel Correllus State Forest
  • By several other nature preserves, a ballpark, a farm stand and library
  • Through the outskirts of Edgartown


Besides riding through the beautiful eastern part of the largest wooded nature preserve on the Vineyard, this shaded, and sun-dappled family tour passes several other popular nature preserves, the MV YMCA, a skateboarding park, an ice rink(!), a ballpark, a large farm stand, the Edgartown Library and the beautiful outskirts of Edgartown. The 5000+ acre mid-island Manuel Correllus State Forest was originally founded as a preserve for the now-extinct heath hen and was named for the park superintendent when the last mating calls of the last heath hen, "Boomin Ben" were heard. It now protects the island's sole source aquafer. Difficulty: Moderate. Distance: 11.4 miles. Elevation Gain: 258 ft Bike paths: 95%; Quiet side roads: 5%
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Route Details

Triangle Start

3.1 miles

Over hill and dale to County Rd.

0.7 miles

Back to High School!

1.23 miles

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