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Perry Normal Presents the North & East Raleigh Area's Best Halloween Decorations

Raleigh, NC, US
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This is the most comprehensive list of free, over the top, Halloween displays in North and East Wake County This tour will go on sale in early October. You can access the tour as many times as you like for 30 days (or until November 1), so you can use it all through the Halloween season. As we discover new Halloween locations and get additional information, the tour will be updated. Make sure you check back frequently until Halloween to see if new locations are added!!! We will update each site with their start date and hours of operation as we are able to get the information, and each site will state if it has been verified for 2023 as being ready for visitors. If you see the 2022 update, it means we have not verified it for 2023 yet Many houses go all out on Halloween night with extra displays and effects that are not visible the rest of the season. Make sure you revisit your favorites on Halloween night!!! Check out our companion tour of South and West - Raleigh Area's Best Halloween Decorations If you enjoy this tour, more amazing lights await you after Thanksgiving when our "Wake County's Best Christmas Light Display" tours go online for the holiday season. Also check out our Ghost, Legends, and Lore tours of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

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Abbey Lane Ghosts and Ghouls

0.1 miles

Heindel House of Haunts

0.6 miles

Wellsley Way Inflatables

1.09 miles

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