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Austin, TX, US
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  • Mosaic Art
  • Birding :: Peacocks!
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As one of Austin's oldest suburban neighborhoods, Bouldin Creek has a reputation for being comprised of "an eclectic mix of folks whose interests and expressions run the gamut."* While strolling along the wide streets, sidewalks, and trails you'll encounter public artworks, brightly colored houses, and hopefully one or two stunning peacocks! This particular walk was an absolute joy to curate because I had the pleasure of meeting new friends--whose stories I'll be able to share with you along the way--and discovering new nuggets you'll want to share with your friends and family members. Key to a delightful walking experience is traveling with a smile and offering a ready "Hello" to people you encounter along the way. I encourage you to strike up conversations with individuals out watering their lawns or relaxing on their front porches. Ask about their feelings toward their community; what do they love best about living in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood? Where is the best place to grab a cup of coffee or pick up a couple of breakfast tacos close by? (I bet someone will suggest El Primo on S. First! *wink*) Please use to the journal to share your insights and observations along the way. Art in Austin is ephemeral, so it's important to keep in the loop about changes and updates! Thank you. :) Walk Score: 81 "Very Walkable" Estimated time: 60-90 minutes // Casual Dog-friendly :: On-leash *Source:

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Ricky Guerrero Neighborhood Park

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W Johanna & S 6th :: Walk This Way

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Sidewalk Math

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