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Raleigh Area's Best Christmas Lights - North and East Wake County

Wendell, NC, US
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  • Christmas Lights
  • Holiday Cheer
  • North Raleigh, Northeast Raleigh, Southeast Raleigh


This is the most comprehensive list of free, over the top, Christmas light displays in North and East Wake County . Use our suggested route to see all of the locations in order. The route has been designed to minimize driving time and maximize your light viewing time. It will take multiple nights to enjoy all of this tour, so we suggest that you pick a region (for example North Raleigh) and focus on one region per night. Check each stop on the tour before driving there to see if we were able to find out what dates the displays will be open. You have access to the tour for 30 days to start / stop / restart as many times are you want. We update the tour throughout the holiday season as we get more information, so check back to see if we have added a new stop!!! If you enjoy this tour, more amazing lights await you in Raleigh Area's Best Christmas Lights - South & West Wake County

Route Details

Lake Myra Christmas Lights

7.2 miles

Riley Hill Holiday

2.7 miles

Piper Lights

1.82 miles

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