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MV Bike Tour #11: Chappaquiddick

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11 Stops 11.9 miles · Bicycle · Adult, Teen
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  • Magnificent, deserted beaches and multiple fishing spots
  • The exquisite Mytoi Gardens
  • Multiple sun-dappled Nature Preserves and walks


"Chappaquiddick" comes from a Wampanoag phrase meaning "separated island", and you need to ride the small "On Time" ferry to reach it from the rest of the Vineyard and back again to go home or to the grocery store. But it has magnificent, deserted beaches, popular fishing spots, an inexpensive golf course, the exquisite Mytoi gardens, a "Jaws" site, the infamous Dyke Bridge site and dozens of walking trails in beautiful nature preserves. But there are less than 12 miles of paved roads on Chappy - although they have very little traffic. The rest of the road are hard packed dirt, often covered with loose sand, and may not be easily ridden by novice riders. It's possible to ride a narrow tire road bike on them - I did, for this tour - but a wider tire hybrid, trail or even a fat tire sand bike might be preferable. This tour covers all those paved roads, and a few of the hard packed dirt ones, to get to the beaches and fishing spots, and passes a "Jaws" site, the Mytoi Gardens, some local buildings and the infamous Dyke Bridge site. It also identifies (but does not go to) some of the nature preserves and the golf course. If you plan on spending time walking or riding the trails, beaching or fishing, a trip to Chappy might be a whole day's excursion, so pack provisions, as there are limited supplies there. Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 11.9 miles Elevation Gain: 161 ft Bike paths: 0%; all low traffic, sandy asphalt and hard-packed dirt/sand roads
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"On Time" Ferries

0.1 miles

Chappaquiddick Point

0.3 miles

Chappaquiddick Beach Club

1.04 miles

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