Ghosts, Legends, and Lore of Historic Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro, NC, US
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Historic Murfreesboro is a very old town going back to the Meherrin, Chowanoke, and Notttaway tribes who populated the area before the Europeans arrived in the 1600s. The first recorded land grant was to Henry Wheeler in 1714 for a tract of land along the Meherrin River. In 1746, Irish Immigrant William Hardy Murfree purchased a large tract of land. Eight years later Murfree’s Landing was designated to be a King’s Landing where goods arriving and departing by boat could be inspected by a representative of His Majesty’s government. Murfreesboro prospered as a port and agricultural center, and also was known as a center for education and culture with the founding of the Hertford Academy, the Chowan Baptist Female Institute, and Wesleyan Female College. Along the way, Murfreesboro also experienced horrors and tragedies. Murfreesboro endured the ravages and death caused by diseases such as tuberculosis, the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1917 and 1918, and polio. Citizens were lost wars such as the American Revolutionary War, Civil War, and others. With such a long and varied history its no wonder that Murfreesboro has developed stories and lore that some would call paranormal. This tour is a collection of the stories that shroud the town of Murfreesboro in mystery. Preservation of our legends and lore are an important part of our cultural heritage. For those of you who enjoy walking, park at the Roberts-Vaughan Visitor Center at 112 East Main Street, Murfreesboro at stop 3. Walk back to your car after Stop #18 to complete the tour by car. Please remember that some of these properties are privately owned residences. Keep your ghost hunting activities to the sidewalks and public streets, and please be very respectful of the cemeteries and gravestones.

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Strange Occurrences at WWDR / WDLZ

1.7 miles

Hanging Out with The Ghost of Joseph G. Rea

0.2 miles

Roberts-Vaughan Visitor's Center

1.54 miles

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