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MV Bike Tour #10: Edgartown

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15 Stops 4.2 miles · Bicycle · Elementary, Adult, Teen
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  • Edgartown Historic District, Main Street and Harbor
  • Beautiful Edgartown Lighthouse
  • Pretty Lighthouse and Fuller Street Beaches


Edgartown was founded in 1642 by the Rev Thomas Mayhew, Jr. as Great Harbor, and was incorporated in July, 1671 as Edgar Towne. It was named after Prince Edgar, son of the future James II of England and Scotland. Unfortunately, the prince, unbeknownst to the town, had just died the month before, at the age of three. No other town in the world is named after him. This short tour starts out of town at what passes for a mall on the Vineyard, the Triangle, and then goes through the Edgartown Historic District, briefly down elegant Main Street, out North Water Street through more of the Historic District, by the Carnegie Heritage Center and the "On Time" ferry landing, then to the Lighthouse and its nearby beaches, around Starbuck Neck and back to town and the Triangle. This tour of Edgartown is often crowded with people and cars, and the streets are often narrow and one way, so this tour is not recommended for riding by novice riders. If you have them in your peloton and you are concerned about their safety - Walk their bikes on the sidewalks on the side of the busy streets!. However, many of the streets on either side of Main Street are much less busy, shaded and residential, so could be carefully ridden by novices. Near the end of the tour (Stop 12) is a long bike rack within walking distance of downtown, so you can lock your bike there and explore further on foot, if you like. Difficulty: Easy Distance: 4.2 miles. Elevation Gain: 26 ft Bike paths: 10%; some high traffic, downtown streets and some quiet residential streets.
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Start at the Triangle "Mall"

0.6 miles

Cannonball Park

0.4 miles

Edgartown Historic District

1.16 miles

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