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MV Bike Tour #12: South Beach!

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16 Stops 9.5 miles · Bicycle · Adult, Teen, Elementary
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  • The magnificent South Beach on the Atlantic Ocean
  • The Edgartown Historic District
  • The beautiful Katama Farm and grass field Airport and Biplane rides!


There are many surf beaches along the extensive south coast of the Vineyard, but many of them are restricted to residents (or renters) of a specific town, conservation organization members, or difficult to get to - e.g., a barrier beach on the far side of a salt pond - go by boat or swim! South Beach, in contrast, has paved roads with bike paths to the base of its dunes with bike racks there, and is open to the public! The sections at each end of this magnificent mile long Atlantic surf beach have lifeguards, but the middle is swim at your own risk - and usually much less crowded! This flat, easy tour goes from the Triangle "mall", through the southern section of the Edgartown Historic District, out to South Beach, along lightly traveled Atlantic Drive which parallels the beach, but has no bike path, and back to the Triangle. It can be a windy ride on parts of the route, so wind speed and directions should be considered - but the impact can be lessened by modifying the route, as noted in the stop descriptions. Difficulty: Easy Bike paths: ~80%, and light traffic roads Distance: 9.5 miles Elevation Gain: 62 ft
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Triangle Start

0.6 miles

Cannonball Park

0.4 miles

Through the Edgartown Historic District

1.55 miles

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