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MV Bike Tour #13: Down-Island Towns

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15 Stops 16.8 miles · Bicycle · Adult, Teen, Elementary
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  • To/From Downtown Edgartown
  • To/From Downtown Vineyard Haven
  • To/From Downtown Oak Bluffs


“It’s only an island if you look at it from the water.” And it’s not a big island – only about 100 square miles. But if you’re on a bike it can be a long way between the 3 down-island towns – especially if you take a wrong turn and go some precious minutes out of your way! This tour is for those who don't know the island very well yet and is about how to get to/from a well-known landmark in one town, and to/from a second well-known landmark in another town as quickly and efficiently as possible, on a bike – so you DON’T take a wrong turn! It's a combination of parts of three other tours in this collection, which describe some more interesting details along the way. If you're not in a hurry and want to see the sights, I suggest tours 3, 5 and 10. Because of the limitations of this app (there must be one connected route), it’s designed as a circle of the 3 down-island towns: Edgartown, Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs, and back to Edgartown. Because of the features of the app, you can choose a stop on the tour and the app will give you a route directly to that stop – so each segment of the tour can be ridden forwards or backwards in any order. There are only major stops as official parts of this tour, at the ends or along the way, although some minor ones are identified between them to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Confused? OK: The route ET – VH is stops 1 -- 8; the route VH – ET is stops 8 - 1. The route VH – OB is stops 8 – 13; the route OB – VH is stops 13 – 8. The route OB – ET is stops 13, 14, 4 – 1 and ET – OB is 1 – 4, 14, 13 If you’re not starting from downtown in any of those towns, go to a stop near you and then follow the stops to the desired town. For example, to get from Featherstone Arts on Barnes Rd.to VH, pick the Roundabout stop 5, go there and then for VH, follow stops 6-8; or to ET, follow stops 4-1; or to OB pick stop 13 as your first stop. There are bike paths along MOST of the route, except for some roads along the way into and out of the immediate area of all three towns. For those, please carefully ride single file, in the direction of traffic and obey all traffic signs - especially one-way streets! Oh! And the picture below is the Old Whaling Church on Main St Edgartown, the first hard-to-miss landmark! Ready? Here we go! Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 16.7 Miles Elevation Gain: 190 ft Bike Paths: ~95%
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The Old Whaling Church

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Cannonball Park

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The Triangle

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