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MV Bike Tour #6: Heath Hen

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8 Stops 9.9 miles · Bicycle · Adult, Teen, Elementary
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  • A beautiful ride through the deserted mid-island state forest
  • A Heath Hen Memorial reachable only on the bike path
  • A solar system drawn by schoolchildren to distance scale, on the bike path


This tour is a glorious solitary ride through the fully bike-path'd, sun-dappled, mid-island Manuel Correllus State Forest. It is an ideal family or novice-rider tour through the relatively flat western portion of the state forest, which is not often ridden. There are several convenient parking lots around the edge of the forest, and most of the bike path is well away from - or nowhere near - auto roads, and through sun-dappled pitch pine or white oak forests or rare sand plains. The forest was originally established as a wildlife refuge for the now extinct Heath Hen. The last one, “Boomin’ Ben”, disappeared in 1934. The state forest is named after the long-time superintendent of the forest at the time, Manuel Correllus, who was reportedly the last to hear the unanswered mating call of Boomin’ Ben. A memorial to Boomin' Ben is midway through the tour. The state forest now serves to protect the island’s sole source drinking water aquafer. As you may know, several US presidents chose the Vineyard as their vacation destination - and one now has a house on the island! - and some enjoyed bicycling with their families on one section of this tour, specifically because of its isolation and ease of making it secure for the president and his family. Difficulty: Easy Distance: 9.93 miles Elevation Gain: 174 ft
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Route Details

Parking lot near the airport

0.9 miles

Dr. Daniel Fisher Road

2.2 miles

Presidents' family bike path

1.47 miles

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