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MV Bike Tour #8: Lambert's Cove

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13 Stops 7.9 miles · Bicycle · Adult, Teen
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  • Lambert's Cove Beach, Uncle Seth's and Ice House Ponds
  • Multiple Nature Preserves
  • Ghost Island Farm and Scottish Bakehouse


Lambert's Cove Rd is a lightly trafficked, tree-lined jughandle to the heavily trafficked State Rd, on which the return section of this tour is. Neither road has bike paths, so the entire route, or at least the part along State Rd, is not recommended for novice, and perhaps not even intermediate riders. The busy State Rd is the main thoroughfare up island, and If headed that way, Lambert's Cove Rd, can provide a more relaxing and safer, if somewhat longer, part of the ride. There are nine beautiful nature preserves and several lovely salt- and freshwater beaches along it. This tour could also be ridden as an "Out and Back" ride along Lambert's Cove Rd alone, but this will miss another three preserves, Ghost Island Farm and the Scottish Bakehouse for lunch, along State Rd. Jonathan Lambert, who used to live in this area in the early 1700's and for whom the cove and road are named, was probably the first deaf and dumb person on the Vineyard, and the ancestor of many of the up-island deaf community which existed here up until the 1950's. It was the object of much study by mainland scientists (among them Alexander Grahm Bell), hoping to find the cause of deafness. Difficulty: Moderate Distance 7.2 miles Elevation Gain: 272 Ft Bike Paths: NONE; light traffic on Lambert's Cove Rd; heavy traffic on State Rd
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Route Details

The Wakeman Center

0.4 miles

Cranberry Acres Preserve

1.1 miles

John Holt Farm and Blackwater Pond Preserves

1.76 miles

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